Indigenous Language Learning App

Only 1 in 4 Indigenous people in Canada speak their native language. Tanisi makes the learning process fun and engaging for Indigenous youth to acquire proficiency in their native tongue.

Awards and Recognition

2020 RGD Entro Award for Placemaking Design

2019 GDC Jim Rimmer Scholarship Finalist

Choose a Language

Users can choose from a selection of available Indigenous languages within the app.  Users have the option of learning a specific dialect. The app shows the regions in which a dialect is most commonly spoken.

Learn a Language

The learning process within the app is taught in a friendly and digestable way. One of the special learning features is the ability to record yourself saying a word and compare your audio to a native speaker’s pronounciation.

Chat with Friends

Users can practice writing in their language by chatting with friends within the app. If they are unsure of what a phrase means, they can hold the message to hear it spoken aloud or translated. Check a user’s profile to see what language they are learning and what achievements they have received.

Challenge a Friend

To make the learning process even more fun, users can challenge their friends to a game and see who can complete a series of language exercises fastest.

Earn Badges

To encourage a continuous learning process, users can earn badges within the app. Each badge has information on what the element or animal represents in an Indigenous culture.