Financial App for Young Adults

Young adults often have trouble managing money. The "Coin" app makes it easy for them to analyze financial data and make sound budgeting decisions. The female figures balance traditional male dominance of finance.

Awards and Recognition

2020 RGD Milestone Award for Digital Marketing Design

Target Audience

The user group that Coin focuses on is young adults. With stacking bills to pay and money to save, the world of finances can be overwhelming. Especially when living in an expensive city such as Vancouver, it becomes important for young adults to begin saving their money towards larger milestones such as a future home. Coin will help users track their spending habits and manage their finances, making saving money a breeze.

Art Direction

Coin uses a playful and personable yet elegant approach. It was important to counteract the perception of finances being a dry and serious topic.

When one thinks of money and finances, the typical depiction is of suited men pointing at graphs and charts. In contrast, the illustrations throughout Coin are only of women to create a more inviting and calming atmosphere. It also acts as a divergence from our underlyingly male-centric society.

Low Fi Sketches

Type Scale

Coin uses two typefaces: DM Serif Display and Brandon Grotesque. DM Serif Display is used primarily for screen headings. The serif font increases readability and also adds a level of sophistication to the interface. Brandon Grotesque, a popular sans-serif font, has a friendly and modern look that speaks to Coin’s user group and makes the app approachable.

Brandon Grotesque is used only in the Bold and Medium weights to ensure legibility and to meet accessibility standards outlined in the WCAG 2.0 (The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines).

Colour Palette

Final Screens